Does Staging Your Home To Sell Get You More Money?

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To Stage or Not to Stage, that is the Question

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I’ve heard people say to me “that I don’t have to stage my home, it will sell itself”, or “I’m not going to spend $3000 to stage, that when I buy a home I can see through all that stuff”.

Ya right.

Everyone is an expert including the home owner.  It’s not about what you think or what I think, it’s about what the buyers think. So try to think in terms of most buyers.

Does Staging Your Home To Sell Get You More Money?

I’ve heard that by staging your home to sell will increase the price of your home by

Multiple Offers Got my Client $ 68,000 More Than a Better Unit

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18.4% Increase in 10 Month on a Small Condo Townhouse is Maple because of a Multiple Offers

Last month in March 2015, I sold a townhouse condo for $ 438,000. We asked $ 420,000. When it came to figuring out the listing price the only comparable property in the complex was one that sold last May for $ 370,000, and it backed on to a ravine with a pond, which made it more expensive and desirable than the one I sold. I knew the market was doing great and we would get multiple offers.


Multiple Offers

Who should we choose

Listing Price Strategy

When I determine a listing price, there are a few factors I consider.

Do You Know What to Expect When You’re Selling Your Home and it’s Now Listed?

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 Selling Your Home 

Listed House Expectations

Everything will be great when selling your home

Now that you are selling your home, you are in for an experience that can be either positive or negative. Selling your home maybe a new experience and you may not know what to expect. I’m going to prepare you for the experience of selling your home by discussing the process and the different possibilities that could happen.

Sometimes other agents are negligent for their lack of professionalism, which can be disturbing. For example – you just did a quick cleaning because there is going be a showing.  Then the agent and their buyer doesn’t show up or even call to cancel. Do you think that you may be a little upset? Now, if you knew the possibilities of this happening, you may just shake your head and shrug it off and make selling your home a pleasure.

What to expect when selling your home: