Does Staging Your Home To Sell Get You More Money?

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To Stage or Not to Stage, that is the Question

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I’ve heard people say to me “that I don’t have to stage my home, it will sell itself”, or “I’m not going to spend $3000 to stage, that when I buy a home I can see through all that stuff”.

Ya right.

Everyone is an expert including the home owner.  It’s not about what you think or what I think, it’s about what the buyers think. So try to think in terms of most buyers.

Does Staging Your Home To Sell Get You More Money?

I’ve heard that by staging your home to sell will increase the price of your home by8%.  I don’t know if this figure is based on an exact science or how they quantify it.  But, based on what I have seen first hand, is that houses which are completely done up and modern, sell faster and for more money.  I have seen bidding wars get our of hand where homes have sold for substantially more than ever conceived.  I have observed that most people are willing to pay more money for a home that is completely done up with no upgrading required when they move in.

What is staging – Is it Selling the Lifestyle?

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“Making your home appealing to the majority of people based on the trends of the day, so that it will sell fast and for the most money possible”.

I remember talking to this guy in Starbucks who was so excited about a condo he was going to buy in Florida. He pulls out his tablet, goes on-line and shows me the pictures and says “isn’t this gorgeous?”. My response to him was that “it looks great”, then I  explained to him, that what he sees is a lifestyle of having a modern high-end place where he and his family can escape to. What I actually saw, was 3 white walls, a glass wall that allows you to see the ocean, white leather furniture and a designer glass table. Oh ya, the nice chandelier and the cool looking picture on the wall.

I bet that most people who saw his condo pictures can only dream of this type of lifestyle, and probably thought, “one day maybe I’ll be able to afford it,  it looks so expensive.”

Buyers Buy a Lifestyle and not 4 walls and some flooring

You see, it’s not  about selling the steak, it’s about the sisal. It’s not about buying 3 white walls and furniture, it’s about living a lifestyle. Do you get it yet?

Need to convince yourself more?condo 4

When you buy an apple, do you buy one that is bruised or do you buy one that is shiny and clean?

Why do home builders furnish and upgrade the model home? You think because they want to sell the furniture? Do you think the home you buy will look like the model home?  You are buying lifestyle.

So when it comes to selling your home, what do you think you are selling?

So maybe you should consider the possibilities of staging your home and what it will accomplish for you.

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One thought on “Does Staging Your Home To Sell Get You More Money?

  1. Well said. Thank you!

    I like the picture and your line about living the lifestyle, how true, picture doesn’t portray living a life. There is a difference.

    When we are speaking with our clients about the staging process, we often refer to the property as a ‘house’ and the client is preparing to move to a new ‘home’.

    Enjoyed the article.